The concept of 'Each One Employ One' has always resonated with me - the idea that if everyone who could possibly manage it, employed one other person then we would all be a whole lot better off. This is more important now, than every before. When I first started My Hares and Graces I worked alone in my studio, but as the business grew I knew I needed a second pair of hands, and I was very lucky to meet Petrus.

Petrus is an incredible man. Helpful, reliable, utterly  dependable, and hugely talented. When I met him he was already an expert mould maker - it was Petrus (many years ago) who made the mould and casts of the Mrs Ples skull which now sit in museums all around the world. Once I've created a new animal in clay, Petrus takes over and produces the moulds that will create each individual animal that we send out into the world. His amazing help and experience and our excellent working relationship enables me to spend more time creating new designs and keep my loyal customers happy.

The last five years of working with him, have been wonderful, and I'm looking forward to creating many more Hares and Graces with him


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