Willow the Whippet - a quiet companion with a calm, gentle presence and was inspired after my first visit to the coffee shop in Linden called The ...
While sipping their very delicious Linden Blend, I thought that a hare would be very 'at home' there, but quickly realized ' NO…not a HARE….of course… they need a WHIPPET!'

Maya the Schnauzer - We have had miniature Schnauzers for about 17 years.  They are wonderful animals and with all the reference photographs that I have gathered over the years, Maya has arrived. She is quiet, alert and attentive….some of the time…

Frankie the Dachshund - This is Frankie...… named after a much loved Dachshund that belonged to my mother in the 1950’s when she lived in East London (in the Eastern Cape).”

Jax the Jack Russell anticipating  a walk… 

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Willow the Whippet

willow the whippet whippet on the stoep

Maya the Schnauzer

Maya the Schnauzer Maya the Schnauzer Maya the Schnauzer Maya the Schnauzer

Frankie the Dachshund

Frankie the schnauzerFrankie the schnauzerFrankie the schnauzer

Jax The Jack Russell

Jax The Jack RussellJax The Jack Russell