Over the past few years I have had many special requests. I can make animals in different colours, pure black or white, bright yellow and ‘pillar box red’. My ‘papered’ animals are all “one-offs”…the papered dogs and cats are very popular however they take a little longer to make.

News Cat First Edition

News Cat First Edition

Maya The Schnauzer First Edition

Maya The Schnauzer First Edition Maya The Schnauzer First Edition



Whippet First Edition

Whippet First Edition

Jax First Edition

Jax First Edition Jax First Edition


Spring-hare Spring-hare


Extraordin-hare Extraordin-hare


Travel-hare Travel-hare

Golden hares

Golden hares Golden hares

Ivy Ndebele

Carol was attracted by the beautiful designs on Ivy’s glazed bowls and plates at the Parkview Christmas Charity Market in 2017. After chatting to her and asking her if she would like to paint on Carol’s hares, she said ‘Yes’ ….and that was the start of a collaboration that has seen Ivy design and paint with her unique style. She has a very fine touch with her painting and a lovely take on ‘African’ design. This has expanded the range of My Hares and Graces and added another string to Ivy’s bow.

Ivy Ndebele Ivy Ndebele Ivy Ndebele Ivy Ndebele

Stepheney Kun

Steff is a professionally trained artist who spent several years in the advertising and graphic industry as a graphic designer. Her paintings of wild life and African women have been exhibited locally and the USA.

Her creative talents are put to good use in the design and production of beaded jewellery, tableware, as well as her uniquely designed painted ceramics. She considers the Hares from My Hares and Graces as a unique and exciting new canvas for her talent.

Each hare is an extraordinary example of her vision and skill.

Stepheney Kun Stepheney Kun Stepheney Kun Stepheney Kun Stepheney Kun Stepheney Kun Stepheney Kun Stepheney Kun


The luminous hares are covered in an industrial quality paint, they can be outside and are great fun to search for in the dark…. Great Summer evening game.

Ghost Hares

Ghost Hare Ghost Hare Ghost Hare


Inspired by the brave whistleblowers in the world, and particularly in South Africa, the Whistleblow(hare)s have different names. They are all covered in small torn strips of ‘The Mail and Guardian’, which is one of several publications that has exposed corruption in both the public and private sectors in South Africa. Other publications will get their turn to become Whistleblow(hare)s in due course.

Viva Whistleblowers…Viva!

isiZULU meanings of the names of the Whistleblow-hares:

Bekezela means ‘Patiently waiting’
Ngiyezwa means ‘Listener’
Cabanga means ‘Thinker’




Ngiyezwa Ngiyezwa Ngiyezwa


cabanga cabanga cabanga


Beloved cat remembered

Over the past five years that I have been making my sculptures , the muse for my cats was a much loved family cat. After he died, I created a work dedicated to him and placed his ashes inside.

If you would like to remember your pet in a unique way, please contact me. Choose from a variety of sculptures and finishes and have their name engraved, to remember forever.